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Though it may be personally and financially rewarding, any experienced landlord can tell you that renting a property has its share of stresses. Even simple matters like resolving a month's unpaid rent or reclaiming a withheld deposit can be time-consuming and stressful, to say nothing of more complicated affairs like handling evictions or squatters.

First4LandlordAdvice aims to streamline these legal hassles on your behalf, big and small alike. Our team draws not on our legal expertise, but over a decade of landlord experience and 20+ years of property management experience. Whatever legal matters or headaches you are faced with, one of the First4LandlordAdvice team has no doubt undergone similar themselves.

In short, our landlord legal services aren't just thorough – They are informed by practical experience.


We're here to help navigate your landlord-tenant issues with confidence.

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Evicting Rental Tenants

Facing a tenant who is not honouring their lease agreement can be stressful.

The First4LandlordAdvice team of eviction specialists draw upon both practical experience and legal knowledge to help you regain control of your property. From serving the initial notice to navigating court proceedings (if needed), we will handle everything with precision and within compliance of all regulations.

Evicting Tenants from Commercial Properties

Commercial evictions are inherently more complicated than residential evictions.

We appreciate the unique challenges involved in commercial real estate, and provide tailored solutions to navigate the process efficiently.  Swift action is prioritised whenever possible, minimising downtime to your property or business.


Resolving Trespasses and Squatting

Unwanted occupants in your property can be a stressful and time-sensitive issue.

Our eviction specialists prioritise swift yet legally compliant action to reclaim your property, minimising disruption and maximising control. We aim to both reclaim possession of your property and mitigate the risk of harm or damage that may arise as a result of the unauthorised occupancy.

Reclaiming Outstanding Deposits

Disagreements with tenants over security deposits can be frustrating to no end.

First4LandlordAdvice's experienced legal team is here to help recover what's rightfully yours. Being former landlords ourselves, we are very well-versed in tenancy deposit regulations and will work to assess your case, guide you through dispute resolution and represent your interests clearly and persuasively.

Settling General Landlord Disputes

Many landlord-legal matters can be resolved well before the subject of eviction is brought to the table.

Our team goes beyond just evictions to help you navigate the finer points of renting a property. Our services in this diverse realm spans handling deposit protection breaches, addressing disputes regarding increasing rent and the minutia such as noise complaints and repairs.

Tribunal-level Appeals

Tribunal decisions regarding convictions can be an endless source of confusion and stress.

First4LandlordAdvice's legal team provides comprehensive support in these situations, drawing upon every ounce of our experience to appeal unfavourable decisions, maximise success with applications and handle the legal challenges on your behalf.

Recovering Rental Debts

Unpaid rent is not just an inconvenience – It's a direct hit to your livelihood. First4LandlordAdvice works as your partner in these situations, with our team working diligently to collect the unpaid rent you deserve and minimise financial losses so you can focus on managing your property.

Unpaid rent is more than just an outstanding payment; it's a potential threat to your livelihood as a landlord. As your strategic partner, First4LandlordAdvice excel in reclaiming outstanding payments and minimising financial losses with a focus on efficiency and legal compliance.

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What happens if an eviction is required?

Our experienced eviction specialists will guide you through our three-step process to securing a guaranteed eviction.



Frequently asked questions we hear as eviction specialists

Can I evict a tenant without acquiring a Court Order first?

No – This would qualify as a self-eviction, which is both illegal and very heavily punished. Always follow the proper legal proceedings, even in the most dire of circumstances.

Is it possible to evict a tenant if I don’t have a formal written contract?

This is possible, but not via a no-fault section 21 notice. We will need to serve a thorough Section 8 notice that clearly lays out the grounds for the eviction, and proceed accordingly.

How long does evicting a tenant take?

Unfortunately, there’s no straightforward answer to this question – We have seen some evictions finalised within a fortnight, while others drag on for months. Of course, we will do anything in our power to secure as fast an eviction as possible.

What happens if my tenant doesn’t attend the court proceedings?

While no doubt frustrating, especially if you have decided to attend court yourself and had to travel for the occasion, this will nudge the proceedings in your favour as the tenant will not be able to share their version of events.

I have been attempting to settle a deposit dispute with a tenant but have not been able to reach an agreement, can First4LandlordAdvice help?

Yes – We offer a bespoke debt recovery service for these occasions. Get in touch with our legal team at info@first4landlordadvice.co.uk to find out more.

Is it possible to evict tenants for reasons other than the non-payment of rent?

Yes – Landlords have the legal right to evict tenants for a range of reasons including lease violations, property damage and illegal activities.

I am looking to serve an eviction but I am not sure if my property is compliant, can First4LandlordAdvice still assist?

We can – This is where our complementary check service comes in. Should we find that your property is not compliant, we will advise you on the necessary steps you should take to make your property legally compliant. Once we have done this, we will be in a position to commence the eviction.




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