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Our experienced legal team draws upon 25+ years of hard-won property and landlord management experience, and all the lessons relating to lease violations, rent avoidance and trespasses that have come with them. Whatever you are faced with, we are confident our paralegals, lawyers and eviction specialists can take the stress out of your legal matters.

We pride ourselves on our 100% success rate.

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Faced with a legal issue that doesn't neatly fall into one of the above boxes?

We offer a more bespoke consultation service that aims to take some of the day-to-day stress out of managing your rental properties. Our legal team is on-hand to help craft a bespoke roadmap to keeping your properties compliant and well-managed, your tenants happy and your landlord experience smooth.

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How do First4LandlordAdvice conduct evictions?

Evictions are inherently stressful affairs for even experienced landlords.

First4LandlordAdvice empowers landlords to regain control of their properties efficiently and legally, thanks to our guaranteed 100% eviction rate and proven step-by-step process handled by experienced eviction specialists.

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What are the First4LandlordAdvice watchwords as Eviction Specialists?


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There's no doubt that being a landlord at the best of times can be complicated, let alone when evictions rear their head. Our eviction specialists endeavour to make things a little simpler by offering a clear and transparent fee structure, with each step of the process being laid out for your convenience and peace of mind.

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If 25+ years of experience has taught us anything, it's that the more you prepare the smoother proceedings are. That's why our first port of call once you get in touch is a free assessment of your claim and property, which allows us to determine if we are able to assist you as early as possible and, if so, chart the best course forward.

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We take pride in our ability to offer a one-touch solution for all your eviction and landlord legal needs, spanning initial compliance checks, representing you in court and sourcing bailiffs, if necessary, all within a single package. More than simply convenient, this one-stop service takes the headache out of navigating landlord legal proceedings.




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