Challenging unfair decisions at a Tribunal level

Housing Tribunal issues of any matter are stressful experienced, let along when legal jargon and deadlines are part of the equation. First4LandlordAdvice understand the complexities of the Housing Tribunal system, and are here to act on your behalf in residential property matters.

Our experienced legal team will represent you throughout the entire tribunal process, handling all communications and streamlining the process whether you are contesting an unfavourable decision or seeking court approval for an eviction.


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Find out how we can assist you – Speak to our paralegals and eviction specialists by calling us at 033 0043 0034.

Our paralegals can assist you with Housing Tribunal matters including:

  Filing appeals or requesting a variation of local authority notices you disagree with.

  Contesting rent repayment orders and unfavourable rulings, analysing your case and developing a defence strategy to protect your financial interests.

  Seeking permission to appeal to the Upper Tribunal, if necessary.

  Guiding you through the process of revoking your modifying your entry on the Rogue Landlords and Property Agents database.

  Challenging unfair rulings relating to banning orders or reputation-damaging decisions.



While cost recovery for Tribunal cases is limited, there are exceptions.

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