Protecting your property rights with legal support

Trespassers or squatters, be they in your land or a rental unit, can cause no end of anxiety, even for experienced landlords. It can disrupt your plans, create a sense of insecurity and leave you wondering what steps to take.

First4LandlordAdvice's paralegals and eviction specialists can help you to navigate the situation effectively and efficiently, ensuring you regain control of your property. We'll provide a clear explanation of your rights under the relevels laws and outline the options available to you, before handling the legal work on your behalf.



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Have issues with trespasses? Speak to our experts today with our helpline, at 033 0043 0034

First4LandlordAdvice's eviction specialists can support you in the event of trespasses by:

  Outlining your rights, which can vary depending in the type of property the trespass has occurred on, empowering you to make informed decisions.

  Offering strategic eviction solutions, including court claims for possession orders and injunctions to prevent them from returning.

  Preventing future trespasses by developing legal strategies and offering practical advice on securing your property and minimising the risk of future trespass.




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