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Carrying out evictions can be a stressful, and at times even overwhelming. First4Landlord Advice understand the complexities involved, given that a number of our team include former landlords, and we are here to be your trusted partner throughout the process.

Our team of paralegals and eviction specialists are here to support you every stay of the way with a meticulous start-to-finish service. All you need to do is reach out to us, and we will handle every subsequent stage of the eviction process with a meticulous attention to detail. Your peace of mind is ensured not only by our dedication to crystal-clear communication, but our transparent pricing structure and 100% guaranteed eviction rate.



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Our services for residential evictions include:

  Free case evaluations, taking into account the tenancy agreement in place and the specifics of your case.

  Total compliance with all legal requirements by meticulously drafting and serving Section 21 notices / section 8 notices to your tenant, protecting your rights and laying the groundwork for a smooth eviction.

  Skilled court representation should your case require court action to obtain a possession order.

  Bailiff liaison and property recovery to ensure a smooth handover of your property.



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