Three Steps to a Guaranteed Eviction



Prices from £89+VAT

We will expertly draft and serve your eviction notice, navigate the complications of different notice types, offer valuable insights into resolving potential disputes and finalise matters with proof of service of documents.




Prices from £899+VAT

We will review your case to craft a winning strategy, before appointing one of our senior advocates to confidently represent you in court.




Prices from £139+VAT

Our eviction specialists will handle the entire process, from obtaining warrants to leveraging High Court enforcement officers for faster property recovery.





Welcome to First4LandlordAdvice

Drawing on 25+ years of property and landlord management experience, we are a team of paralegals, lawyers and eviction specialists. Whether you're facing lease violations, non-payments of rent or trespasses, we offer a full range of consultation and legal services to help landlords like you.

Our 100% eviction rate speaks for itself

Get immediate assistance with our free helpline at 033 0043 0034, or enquire about our eviction services at




We are also working on a more bespoke consultation service, tailored to your individual needs and situations. More information will be announced in the near future.

Looking to arrange a discussion about our legal services? Schedule a discussion by emailing, or call our helpline at 033 0043 0034.



Why should you choose First4LandlordsAdvice's eviction specialists?


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Our 100% Eviction Rate

Your case will be handled by extremely skilled paralegals and lawyers with extensive experience in evictions, with a complete top-to-tail service that carries you from conducting compliance checks to navigating legal battles to sourcing bailiffs.

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Our Transparent Fees

While serving and conducting evictions can be complicated, we believe that pricing doesn't have to be. We're proud to offer transparent fees, and will clearly lay out every step of the process for maximum clarity.


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Our Free Advice Helpline

Unsure what to do with a problematic tenant or unclear if you have grounds for a legal eviction? First4LandlordAdvice offers free ad-hoc legal advice via our helpline, at 033 0043 0034.

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Our Complimentary Checks

We will always assess your situation, establish the best way forward and see if we can help before charging for a consultation. If we find that your property is not compliant, for example, we will advise you how to make it compliant for free.



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Personalised Consultations for Personalised Solutions

Feeling overwhelmed by a client situation, facing complicated legal questions or unclear about the ever-changing landscape of property compliance?

First4LandlordAdvice offer personalised consultations with experienced lawyers and paralegals to address your unique concerns and provide clear legal advice. From legal compliance reviews to ensure your properties are in-line with rental regulations to proactive property management strategies to prevent issues, our team is on-hand to help craft a roadmap for landlord success.




First4LandlordAdvice – Your trusted guide for long-term landlord success.

Looking for prompt free advice? Call our free helpline at 033 0043 0034 to speak to one of our team.

If you have any questions or wish to arrange a more in-depth consultation with our paralegals and eviction specialists, please email us at



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