Our three-step process for securing your investment

Eviction doesn't have to be a daunting prospect.

First4LandlordAdvice serves as your trusted partner for conducting evictions. You will benefit not just from a meticulous start-to-finish service from a team of paralegals and eviction specialists with a 100% guaranteed eviction rate, but our commitment to transparency and communication.

Here you can find out more about each stage of the eviction process, the work we undertake and what we account for when reclaiming your property.

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1. Laying the Foundation of Success by Serving a Notice

Serving an eviction notice marks the starting point of the process towards evicting a client and reclaiming your property, and so necessitates meticulous preparation.

This approach involves a thorough analysis of lease agreements, rental history and anything else that may prove useful. More than simply ‘doing diligence', we can often identify potential roadblocks in the court proceedings early on, and provide tailored solutions to address them.

It is only when we have carried out these checks that we move forward to drafting a legally-compliant eviction notice (Ideally a no-fault Section 21, if possible, but we are equally adept at serving Section 8 notices). This will then be delivered in a number of methods, so as to be sure the notice both reaches the tenant and ensures they cannot claim non-receipt.


2. Navigating the Possession Claim to Secure Your Property

Following the serving of a notice, First4LandlordAdvice will commence the process of securing your property.

In the event that the tenant does not respond to the notice, we will initiate court proceedings by obtaining a possession order. In the interim between court action commences, however, we will carry out a proactive defence mitigation by reviewing your notice, grounds for possession and documents, thereby minimising the risk of the tenant successfully defending the claim.

While you may be concerned at the potential costs of all this legal activity, our fixed fees cover everything from the claim preparation to court representation.




3. Reclaiming your Property by Enlisting the Bailiffs

Now that the court order has been secured, it's time to reclaim your property and enact the eviction.

We will enlist the services of a certified bailiff to protect both your rights and the tenants right (Given the illegal nature of self-evictions), electing either a County Court Bailiff or a High Court Enforcement Officer based on the urgency and complexity of the case.

County Court Bailiffs offer a more cost-effective option for straightforward evictions where time is not of the essence, while High Court enforcement Officers are a faster option with broader powers for gaining entry at a correspondingly higher cost.


All the above is covered by our 100% guaranteed eviction promise

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